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Meet the Innkeeper at the Olde Savannah Inn on Gaston Street

Historic Savannah Inn

In 2004, Kathleen visited Savannah with her daughter after seeing Charleston, and  she was mesmerized at the beauty and old world charm Savannah resonates as you arrive in the largest Historic District of the US. Her and her daughter stayed at the Old Georgian Inn which was no match for what was to come to Savannah in 2006, Savannah's new luxurious and most elegant Bed and Breakfast in Savannah Georgia, The Olde Savannah Inn bed and breakfast .
After visiting one of the oldest cities in the South, Kathleen knew she had to move to this gracious city and make a difference. She did exactly that! When Kathleen arrived in 2005, she worked for Tri- County GMAC in South side of Savannah for 6 months and pursued various brokerages and finally resigned from the real estate industry. 1500 miles from Boston, she asked God for guidance of what to do next. As she sat in Calhoun Square in which that was her turning point of purchasing the property on 217 E. Gaston and making this Bed and Breakfast in Savannah the highest rated tripadvisor's Savannah Bed and Breakfast out of 41band b that Savannah had ever seen. This b&b rose quickly as the service was outstanding and the bed and breakfast was most of the Savannah bed and breakfast are designed in Victorian style. Kathleen has an extraordinary eye for detail and exquisite taste as all the rooms have the highest level of attention to detail. The Olde Savannah Inn went under a huge restoration to rise it up to the level you see as you enter the website


Innkeeper- The Olde Savannah Inn

One of the most fascination elements of this project was the domain name was available in spite of the saturation and competition so Kathleen knew that God had a plan but she didn't realize to what extent this project would end up...Anytime you purchase an Historic property in despair...You are looking at huge amounts of investment. Well, it has been almost 7 years as of November 6,2006 and we have survived the worst recession in history since the depression. Presently, Kathleen is a one woman show who operated an entire bed and breakfast in Savannah and  loves what she does. The amazing people from all walks of life inspire her to keep going and stay strong. Never give up no matter what. Her strong work ethic and determination as a Bostonian is what keeps her going. Bostonians ate one of the toughest people as you witnessed during the Marathon bombing. The runner who lost both of her legs, completely blown up, is one of Kathleen's role models ...She inspires me to always be grateful as I am an appointed servant to make a difference in all my travelers experience ...Since 2006, this has been my mission. To provide outstanding service, exceptional amenities, and a tender heart to those who come to me as their Savannah Hostess...

Kathleen made us feel right at home with a big smile, a warm hug and an offer of a drink, followed by a tour of this beautifully restored, impressive Inn.

Guest- September 2012

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