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Clean is Comfort

kathleen Dupuis - Saturday, July 06, 2013
clean bed and breakfast

One of the things that many people notice about The Olde Savannah Inn is how clean it is.  Cleanliness can be easily overlooked in a b&b or hotel setting, but it will never be in this inn.  The reason comes down to our innkeeper Kathleen.  Kathleen spent years in the cleaning industry.  She learned how to reach the highest standards a customer could have and she had brought that same level of excellence to the inn.  Kathleen says, "Clean is relaxing and I want my guests to feel relaxed when they're here." 

Kathleen's devotion to cleaning has been put to the test.  While running her cleaning company one of her clients was the state of Massachusetts and so she would go into the homes of people with different types of severe neurosis and disorders.  It was very difficult to clean these houses. Most had given up on these people, but Kathleen knew she was improving their lives by helping them and giving them a fresh clean house. 

Kathleen experienced the opposite end of spectrum too working with a client that was adamant about the way her pillows were to be fluffed. It didn't matter though because Kathleen's dedication to pleasing her clients then and her guests now knows no bounds.  Her guests now get all the perks of Kathleen's 13 years of cleaning experience.  They know that when they walk into the inn; it will be clean and safe.  Safe because guests will find rooms free of bacteria, allergens, and bed bugs.  Rooms instead house antique furniture, the softest bedding, and charm. 

Kathleen's Cleaning Tips:
  1. Develop a system. Week 1 may be baseboards.  Week 2, lower casements.  Create a system that works for you and stick with it. 
  2. Follow a path.  Start in one spot in the room and work around.  Moving all over leads to missed spots.
  3. Don't procrastinate.  Getting out of the routine will allow things to build up and make it harder to start the system over again.  

Wright Square

kathleen Dupuis - Friday, May 31, 2013
This is our series of blogs on the squares of Savannah.  This is part 2.  If you'd like to start from the beginning, click here.  The second square created was Percival Square after Lord Percival, the man credited with the naming of Georgia.  If you're familiar with Savannah, you know that there is no square named Percival in Savannah and you're thinking I should have my blogging permit revoked.  First, there's no such thing as a blogging permit and secondly, the square was renamed thirty years later after royal governor James Wright.  Before the renaming in 1739, the square became the burial area of Chief Tomochichi.  Tomochichi was instrumental in assisting James Oglethorpe in establishing Savannah.  His negotiation and mediation skills would prove invaluable to English-Native American relations.  He and Oglethorpe became lifelong friends and when he died, Oglethorpe honored him in the square.  

     Approximately 150 years later, Tomochichi's importance in the eyes of Savannahians had waned and his pyramid of stones was removed.  The square would now by a tribute to William Washington Gordon (grandfather of Juliet Gordon-Low, founder of the girl scouts), interestingly the only native of Savannah to receive such an honor.  Gordon was a well-respected politician and businessman serving as Savannah's mayor and later its representative to the state Senate.  In business, he served as the president of a railroad.  Ironically, a year after his death, his company would desecrate a sacred Native American site.  

   The apathy toward Native Americans did not go unnoticed, most notably by Gordon's own widow and daughter-in-law.  The two women were outraged at the treatment of Tomochichi's memory and vowed to make amends.  They asked for granite from the Stone Mountain Monument Company, who offered it to them at no charge.  The ladies refused to accept it for free. The company sent her a bill for an absurdly low amount--some say fifty cents--due on "Judgment Day". Gordon's widow paid the amount promptly, saying she would be occupied with her own affairs on that day. The monument was erected in 1899 and still stands there today.

Johnson Square in Savannah

kathleen Dupuis - Wednesday, May 08, 2013
One of the things Savannah is best known for is her squares so starting today we'll be doing a blog on a square every month.  We'll start our journey with Savannah's first and biggest square: Johnson Square.  The square was named after longtime friend of General Oglethorpe and Governor of South Carolina, Robert Johnson.  Johnson aided Oglethorpe by providing food and a safe escort to Georgia, but he is most well known for a successful military campaign defending Charleston from pirates.  
Since it was the first, Johnson square served many purposes for the locals.  Many of the essential shops for everyday life were located there including a sundial to tell the time.  The sundial was dedicated to the memory of William Bull (also the namesake of Bull Street).  Bull was another South Carolina resident who assisted in the creation of Savannah.  
Speeches were delivered here by Presidents Washington and Monroe, Daniel Webster, and General Marquis de La Fayette.  News of South Carolina's succession from the Union was also read here.  In the middle of the square is an obelisk dedicated to Nathaniel Greene, ironically the namesake of a neighboring square.  Originally, the obelisk was purely decoration until years later when the Revolutionary War era General's remains were interred there. 

March Hot Spot Savannah, GA (from

kathleen Dupuis - Wednesday, March 06, 2013

If there’s one word that captures the aura of Savannah, GA, it’s enchanting. From the garden squares filled with towering oaks draped in Spanish moss to the grand, historic homes lining cobblestone streets, the “Hostess City of the South” will captivate you with its laid-back southern charm.

The Olde Savannah Inn Bed & Breakfast
The Olde Savannah Inn Bed & Breakfast

What to Do: Let the rhythmic “clip-clop” from a horse-drawn carriage ride take you back to Savannah’s historic roots as you enjoy a leisurely tour through the largest National Historic District in the U.S. It’s also where the 22 garden squares, called the city’s “heart and soul” by some, can be found. Designed to be an essential part of the downtown area, these squares provide a relaxing tree-covered area to stroll or relax while reading the paper by cooling fountains, lush gardens, and historical monuments.

Follow the cobblestone streets and southern hospitality to the waterfront of the Savannah River. River Street is a destination for quaint storefronts and fine-dining establishments built inside centuries-old buildings that once housed goods in one of the busiest ports in America. You can even set sail down the Savannah River and catch a glimpse of the city skyline from aboard an open-air canopy deck on a riverboat.

If you make your way to Savannah this month, don’t be surprised if you find the Forsyth Park fountain flowing green! "The Greening of the Fountain," taking place on March 8th, is part of the city’s massive and long-standing St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Last year, Savannah hosted the second largest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the world and began the celebrations as early as two weeks before. If you’re in town Saturday, March 16th, go green for the 189th Annual Savannah St. Patrick’s Day Parade.......


Where to stay:


The Olde Savannah Inn Bed & Breakfast welcomes guests with gorgeous French Renaissance furnishings in each of the five rooms. Situated only a block from Forsyth Park, the inn puts you steps away from Savannah’s award-winning restaurants and shops and is a perfect location to watch the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Want to see what else awaits you on your southern getaway? Visit our “There’s Something About Savannah” Pinterest board for must-see sights and other B&Bs located in the Georgia Coast Region.

March into Spring Sales for March, April, May and June

kathleen Dupuis - Tuesday, March 05, 2013
Our march into Spring Sales for March, April, May and June

Have you ever dreamed of coming to the MOST ENCHANTING city of the South. This is a golden opportunity as March and April are the most desirable months to see beautiful Savannah. Why not have the most incredible evening of a lifetime. We will make that happen with our Romantic Getaway Offering.

Book Now, and receive a Complimentary $100 Gift Certificate to Elizabeth's on 37th St...the Best of Savannah and ranked 25th in the country. Let's not stop there, as you arrive back from the most Amazing experience that you have probably had in years or a lifetime, we will have two chilled mini bottles of champagne. How perfect !

This sale will expire in June 30th of 2013. Don't hesitate to fulfill the dream that you have always wanted to live, take advantage of this great Spring Getaway for those couples who are looking for the Best of Savannah. Come to the Award Winning Savannah Bed and Breakfast and start making your dreams come true.

This sale Only applies to The Versailles Court, Renaissance Room and the Bon Viant Garden room...Cannot be combined with any Gift Certificates or prior reservations. A 2 night minimum is required...

We look forward to your stay.

Your Savannah Hostess,


A Post from Scooting Around Savannah

kathleen Dupuis - Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Look Inside a Savannah Bed & Breakfast Inn

Cozy breakfast room Olde Savannah Inn on Gaston Street Savannah GABy Cathy Rodgers
A friend of mine virtually introduced me to a local innkeeper who runs a Savannah Bed & Breakfast on beautiful Gaston Street, so I could not wait to get by to meet her in person. Gardens always motivate me and peeking behind a secret pathway to view cozy sitting areas and new plants got me there quick.

Kathleen Dupois is the proprietor of the Olde Savannah Inn, one of the finest bed and breakfast establishments I’ve ever stepped into. I was truly amazed to find not only beautiful antiques, but amazing chandeliers and French decor which compliments the mansion without overdoing it.

My favorite spot is the fresh and bright breakfast room which allows visitors to look out to the gardens. Can you believe I forgot my camera? I “borrowed” this photo of the breakfast room from the net, and can tell you the room does look like this! It’s amazing and Southern Living magazine really needs to come and see! Then I found out what Kathleen serves at her breakfast celebrations. Who else has a candlelight breakfast and serves Creme Brûlée in the morning??

Kathleen took me upstairs to the honeymoon suite and my jaw nearly dropped! Steps away from the four post bed, marble floors take you to a large jacuzzi tub, two pedestal sinks and his and hers claw foot tubs.

This is where we will be sending our out of town guests and inquiring visitors. Did I mention the 800 count sheets? True elegance and luxury.


Romance and writers await visitors to Savannah

kathleen Dupuis - Sunday, February 17, 2013

This article by Kay Mathews caught my eye.  This article is well written, combines the history of Savannah with present events in Savannah, and has beautiful images of Savannah.  Anyone contemplating a visit, or planning a romantic get away would do well to read it.  We especially agree with the Southern Living Magazine list which includes Savannah as one of the top "7 Sinfully Romantic Escapes".  The article goes on to say :


Savannah - Southern Living magazine lists the City of Savannah as one of "7 Sinfully Romantic Southern Escapes," and the Savannah Book Festival kicks-off on Valentine's Day.
When searching for a special romantic destination for you and your sweetheart, Southern Living magazine says "look to Savannah, Georgia."
"Cozy inns and local-food restaurants flourish around the tree-shaded historic district," states Southern Living.
Outside the inns, and a nice way spend time with your sweetheart and walk-off the scrumptious calories associated with local restaurants, are the squares located in the Historic District of downtown Savannah.

Read more:

Valentine's Day at The Inn

kathleen Dupuis - Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Olde Savannah Inn, Savannah's award winning bed and breakfast, is the perfect place to celebrate Valentine's Day.  The luxurious accommodations, romantic hidden courtyards, and exquisite cuisine, all work together to create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic getaway.    


We believe there is no better way to tell you about our Inn than through the comments left by our wonderful guests. Their comments have included:


  "5 of 5 starsThe Olde Savannah Inn has something that makes it stand out. Character. It is displayed throughout the house, on every wall, on the well kept floors, and in the oh-so-comfortable bedrooms with elegant baths. You will be transported back to a nostalgic era with soft music, great laughs and delicious food and coffee"  Reviewed January 31, 2013


". Not only is the Inn Stunning and Spectacular but the Inn Keeper Kathleen took care of all our needs. We chose the Versailles Court for a (4) Four night Ultra Romantic Honeymoon Getaway. This room is so romantic. The huge Jacuzzi tub for two, claw foot tubs and the beautiful King sized bed made with the finest linens....The food was deliciously outrageous and the table was set as if you were a King and Queen. While you were dining there was romantic music in the air. Her personality is warm and inviting. Her Inn is all about pampering you personally. We fell in love with Savannah.... We will be visiting Savannah again and only staying at the Old Savannah Inn. Thank you Kathleen....... till we meet again." Reviewed January 14, 2013


"First class in everything:
The decor, drop dead gorgeous antiques, gilt mirrors, crystal chandeliers and more.
The breakfasts and additional treats throughout the day, generous gourmet delights! e.g. Eggs Benedict, stuffed French crepes, Belgian waffles, quiche lorain, cheesy grits, scones, cookies, banana bread, fresh fruit cups, garnishes of berries and giant dollops of whipped cream.
All provided for us with special care to our vegetarian diet. (Platters of crispy bacon and other breakfast meats appeared at others' tables. )
The furnishings from hand-ironed linens to sumptuous robes, gloriously indulgent luxury.
You have got to go here and experience this for yourself.
Call Kathleen. She's a one-woman dynamo who truly can do it all."  Stayed in December - Reviewed January 9,2013.


Visit us at for more information and to make your reservation for romance!


We have made a short video to wish all of our guests (future and past) a Happy Valentines Day from The Olde Savannah Inn.  It can be viewed here.

Georgia History Festival for 2013

kathleen Dupuis - Monday, February 04, 2013

Join us to celebrate the founding of the Colony of Georgia, which took place on February 12, 1733.  The Georgia History Festival is a must for all History Lovers!  Savannah's celebrations to commemorate the event include:


Step back in time at the Colonial Faire and Muster on the weekend of February 9-10th.  This event is FREE  to the public.  It will be held on the historic Wormsloe Plantation.  Actors and vendors recreate colonial Savannah, with demonstrations of the old blacksmith shop, firing muskets, and cooking over a fire.


The festival will include the Official Georgia Day Parade on February 12th, 2013 at 10:30 am.  The parade begins at Forsyth Park, just steps from The Olde Savannah Inn.  The parade route includes a march down the historic Bull Street and will ultimately wind up at City Hall. 


The festivities continue with Super Museum Sunday from noon until 4 pm on Sunday February 13, 2013.  Over 40 organizations, including the city's history, art and cultural museums, have agreed to take part in the History Festival.  Admission to the participating locations for this event is FREE.


What better place to stay for the Georgia History Festival that at one of Savannah's  Historical Inns? The Olde Savannah Inn, located in the South Historic District, is the perfect place to call home while you enjoy the festivities..  The Inn was built in 1877, and was restored in 2005.  This Award Winning Bed and Breakfast offers beautiful, historic architecture combined with all the comforts of our modern day world. Staying at the Inn allows you to start the day with our famous gourmet breakfast, then proceed to enjoy the festivities knowing that you will be welcomed back to the lap of luxury at the end of the day.



Photo courtesy of The GA Historical Society



Savannah Bed and Breakfast Our Bed and Breakfast ETIQUETTE

kathleen Dupuis - Thursday, January 31, 2013

 I have been asked by several of my guests who have never stayed at a Savannah Bed and Breakfast - What is the protocol? Can we come and go, or is there a curfew? Where do we park? Can we check in early? These are all reasonable questions and as you have requested,  I will try to clarify some of the concerns.

First of all, I have been very blessed to have some of the most outstanding guests.  Many have never experienced staying at a Bed and Breakfast in Savannah, and normally stay in a hotel. There is NO comparison. If you are visiting Savannah, YOU MUST TRY THE OLDE SAVANNAH INN.   If you don't choose The Olde Savannah Inn, there are 44 other Inns in Savannah from which to choose.  In our opinion, the inns are better than any Savannah Hotel or Vacation rental. The bed and breakfasts allow you to experience luxury and the comfort of home at the same time.  (Suggestion -READ THE TRIPADVISOR REVIEWS). 

The Olde Savannah Inn is one of the finest Inns in Savannah and prides itself on paying the most attention to detail.  In order to serve you better, we ask you to come at the check in time, which is 4:00 pm.   Prior to 4:00 pm we are preparing the rooms to ensure they are ready and waiting for your arrival.  When we meet at 4:00, although I greet you at the front door with a big warm hug, please take a moment to introduce yourselves.  Most of the time, I will know who you are and what room you are going to stay in. I try to do my homework before your arrival.  If you are going to be later than 4:00 check in, please call.  I will make other arrangements. Usually, I wait  for guests unless it is going to be really late. Then we will make arrangement for you to pick up a key to your room.


After I settle you into your room and make you comfortable, then we will discuss parking.  I know parking is a big issue, but our most important issue, and what we get most excited about, is meeting youRemember, this house was built in 1877, and there were no cars.  Fortunately, we are able to offer FREE Parking on a First come First Serve. We can accommodate 4 small to mid-size cars with the gates closed. Parking is extra at many of Savannah's other Inns or Bed and Breakfasts. 

 As an innkeeper, the most important issue I have is getting you settled and comfortable. After the car has been parked, I then act as your hostess and  will offer you either a refreshing glass of my Caribbean Ice tea or a pino Grigio or maybe merlot, it is your choice. Then, to get your Savannah Vacation off to a great start, I will give you maps of the city.  I will even prepare all your dinner reservations, or reservations for Savannah Ghosts Tours, or Historic Carriage Tours if you'd like.  In fact, the best way to prepare for your Savannah visit is to call me the week before your arrival and get all my recommendations. Your vacation is then off to a great start and you can utilize your time just seeing all the Savannah sites, instead of wondering what to do. It is all done for you . COMPLIMENTARY!

Most of our guests enjoy walking through the manicured 23 squares.  We advise our guests to wear comfortable shoes as they go out into the city. When you return to the Olde Savannah Inn, you will be greeted with our famous Southern Hospitality and will be invited to try our evening port.  Something is always brewing in Kathleen's kitchen. I will always ask you if I can offer you anything. We don't have private refrigerators in our rooms, because that would spoil the elegance and ambience . Unless you have spoken with the innkeeper, about maybe storing medicine or leftovers, our kitchen refrigerator is for the INNS USE ONLY. Please let the the innkeeper know what your needs are during your stay.

I have designed an impeccable Savannah Bed and Breakfast and have invested time, money, and love into creating a luxurious, romantic, and comfortable Inn. I ask that all of my guests take care of my home with love and respect. All of the rooms have the finest linens, that were made in Europe. I ask my guests to help in  preserving the rooms for the next guest.  Remember, this is a private home and not a HOTEL.  Please leave your room as you would like guests in your home to leave their room. Emily Posts tells us in her "Book Of ETIQUETTE" to leave the room as you found it.  Travelers who frequently visit traditional bed and breakfasts understand that manners do matter, and that they should treat someone else's home better than their own. 


We strive to succeed in offering you our Best Customer Service.  We leave gratuity envelopes in all our rooms to allow you to say "Thank You" for all that we did for you during your stay. It is not mandatory.  However, most of our guests recognize the hard work that is put into the hospitality industry, and welcome the idea of leaving a gratuity.  If you prefer not to leave a gratuity, please do not throw the gratuity envelope away.  Please leave them for the next guest.

I hope I have been able to clarify some questions and have reassured those B&B Goers this is the way to visit Savannah. Welcome to Savannah ...
We are honored you have chosen our Savannah Bed and Breakfasts, and we will work very hard to serve you and provide you with the BEST Of Savannah. A smile goes a long way.

Your Innkeeper and Hostess,

Miss Kathleen

Tip : Never leave any Savannah Bed and Breakfast without saying" Thank You and Goodbye"