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kathleen Dupuis - Thursday, January 31, 2013

 I have been asked by several of my guests who have never stayed at a Savannah Bed and Breakfast - What is the protocol? Can we come and go, or is there a curfew? Where do we park? Can we check in early? These are all reasonable questions and as you have requested,  I will try to clarify some of the concerns.

First of all, I have been very blessed to have some of the most outstanding guests.  Many have never experienced staying at a Bed and Breakfast in Savannah, and normally stay in a hotel. There is NO comparison. If you are visiting Savannah, YOU MUST TRY THE OLDE SAVANNAH INN.   If you don't choose The Olde Savannah Inn, there are 44 other Inns in Savannah from which to choose.  In our opinion, the inns are better than any Savannah Hotel or Vacation rental. The bed and breakfasts allow you to experience luxury and the comfort of home at the same time.  (Suggestion -READ THE TRIPADVISOR REVIEWS). 

The Olde Savannah Inn is one of the finest Inns in Savannah and prides itself on paying the most attention to detail.  In order to serve you better, we ask you to come at the check in time, which is 4:00 pm.   Prior to 4:00 pm we are preparing the rooms to ensure they are ready and waiting for your arrival.  When we meet at 4:00, although I greet you at the front door with a big warm hug, please take a moment to introduce yourselves.  Most of the time, I will know who you are and what room you are going to stay in. I try to do my homework before your arrival.  If you are going to be later than 4:00 check in, please call.  I will make other arrangements. Usually, I wait  for guests unless it is going to be really late. Then we will make arrangement for you to pick up a key to your room.


After I settle you into your room and make you comfortable, then we will discuss parking.  I know parking is a big issue, but our most important issue, and what we get most excited about, is meeting youRemember, this house was built in 1877, and there were no cars.  Fortunately, we are able to offer FREE Parking on a First come First Serve. We can accommodate 4 small to mid-size cars with the gates closed. Parking is extra at many of Savannah's other Inns or Bed and Breakfasts. 

 As an innkeeper, the most important issue I have is getting you settled and comfortable. After the car has been parked, I then act as your hostess and  will offer you either a refreshing glass of my Caribbean Ice tea or a pino Grigio or maybe merlot, it is your choice. Then, to get your Savannah Vacation off to a great start, I will give you maps of the city.  I will even prepare all your dinner reservations, or reservations for Savannah Ghosts Tours, or Historic Carriage Tours if you'd like.  In fact, the best way to prepare for your Savannah visit is to call me the week before your arrival and get all my recommendations. Your vacation is then off to a great start and you can utilize your time just seeing all the Savannah sites, instead of wondering what to do. It is all done for you . COMPLIMENTARY!

Most of our guests enjoy walking through the manicured 23 squares.  We advise our guests to wear comfortable shoes as they go out into the city. When you return to the Olde Savannah Inn, you will be greeted with our famous Southern Hospitality and will be invited to try our evening port.  Something is always brewing in Kathleen's kitchen. I will always ask you if I can offer you anything. We don't have private refrigerators in our rooms, because that would spoil the elegance and ambience . Unless you have spoken with the innkeeper, about maybe storing medicine or leftovers, our kitchen refrigerator is for the INNS USE ONLY. Please let the the innkeeper know what your needs are during your stay.

I have designed an impeccable Savannah Bed and Breakfast and have invested time, money, and love into creating a luxurious, romantic, and comfortable Inn. I ask that all of my guests take care of my home with love and respect. All of the rooms have the finest linens, that were made in Europe. I ask my guests to help in  preserving the rooms for the next guest.  Remember, this is a private home and not a HOTEL.  Please leave your room as you would like guests in your home to leave their room. Emily Posts tells us in her "Book Of ETIQUETTE" to leave the room as you found it.  Travelers who frequently visit traditional bed and breakfasts understand that manners do matter, and that they should treat someone else's home better than their own. 


We strive to succeed in offering you our Best Customer Service.  We leave gratuity envelopes in all our rooms to allow you to say "Thank You" for all that we did for you during your stay. It is not mandatory.  However, most of our guests recognize the hard work that is put into the hospitality industry, and welcome the idea of leaving a gratuity.  If you prefer not to leave a gratuity, please do not throw the gratuity envelope away.  Please leave them for the next guest.

I hope I have been able to clarify some questions and have reassured those B&B Goers this is the way to visit Savannah. Welcome to Savannah ...
We are honored you have chosen our Savannah Bed and Breakfasts, and we will work very hard to serve you and provide you with the BEST Of Savannah. A smile goes a long way.

Your Innkeeper and Hostess,

Miss Kathleen

Tip : Never leave any Savannah Bed and Breakfast without saying" Thank You and Goodbye"

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