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Clean is Comfort

kathleen Dupuis - Saturday, July 06, 2013
clean bed and breakfast

One of the things that many people notice about The Olde Savannah Inn is how clean it is.  Cleanliness can be easily overlooked in a b&b or hotel setting, but it will never be in this inn.  The reason comes down to our innkeeper Kathleen.  Kathleen spent years in the cleaning industry.  She learned how to reach the highest standards a customer could have and she had brought that same level of excellence to the inn.  Kathleen says, "Clean is relaxing and I want my guests to feel relaxed when they're here." 

Kathleen's devotion to cleaning has been put to the test.  While running her cleaning company one of her clients was the state of Massachusetts and so she would go into the homes of people with different types of severe neurosis and disorders.  It was very difficult to clean these houses. Most had given up on these people, but Kathleen knew she was improving their lives by helping them and giving them a fresh clean house. 

Kathleen experienced the opposite end of spectrum too working with a client that was adamant about the way her pillows were to be fluffed. It didn't matter though because Kathleen's dedication to pleasing her clients then and her guests now knows no bounds.  Her guests now get all the perks of Kathleen's 13 years of cleaning experience.  They know that when they walk into the inn; it will be clean and safe.  Safe because guests will find rooms free of bacteria, allergens, and bed bugs.  Rooms instead house antique furniture, the softest bedding, and charm. 

Kathleen's Cleaning Tips:
  1. Develop a system. Week 1 may be baseboards.  Week 2, lower casements.  Create a system that works for you and stick with it. 
  2. Follow a path.  Start in one spot in the room and work around.  Moving all over leads to missed spots.
  3. Don't procrastinate.  Getting out of the routine will allow things to build up and make it harder to start the system over again.  

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