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Making Savannah Memories

kathleen Dupuis - Tuesday, August 27, 2013
Making the time to make memories
As I was looking through the photo albums at my parents' house, I noticed how few pictures were taken in generations gone by.  In a day and time of digital cameras where the number of photos that can be taken are hardly limited, I'm reminded of how precious photographs used to be. And because there were so few photos taken, it made the memories of those occasions more sweet. 
The Olde Savannah Inn provides such a remarkable backdrop for such sweet memories to be made.  From the breathtaking views during a delightful breakfast, strolls made down historic streets that remind of years gone by, horse drawn carriage rides down cobblestone streets, to unforgettable rooms that beckon togetherness; we strive to make your next getaway not just a time filled with digital photo reminders, but true memories.

Hotels vs. B&B

kathleen Dupuis - Tuesday, August 06, 2013
Hotels vs. B & B's. It's a great debate, really. For traveling groups, and business conferences, hotels really are the best choice.  But sometimes you just want to get away from the TV, big chain restaurants, and travel baseball teams.
B & B's  are the place where you want to go when the person you are going with and the charm of the town you are visiting is more important than movie channels or fitness room. You can trust that every detail is cared for with great passion. After all, we're not just going to work, we are caring for our home. The Olde Savannah Inn is nestled in a row of historic homes just out of earshot of the tourist noise. We are convenient to historic Forsythe Park for that great evening stroll. You will appreciate the manner in which you are treated. 
It's not that hotels or B&B's are better than one another, just that sometimes one is more apropos than the other.