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Savannah offers an assortment of shopping options for the shopping lover and avid traveler. Venture through our small boutiques and specialty shops, or travel to the mall and enjoy all your favorite stores at one location.

Savannah shopping is something of a combination, offering both large scale shopping mall-style facilities as well as smaller more unique independent outlets.


Savannah's River Street 



From distinctive gift shops to charming boutiques, River Street offers an array of shopping options. You'll discover Savannah souvenirs, Civil War memorablia, original paintings, fashionable clothing and more along this historic street.

Virtual Tourist, 2003

City Market

Since the early 1700's, City Market has been the commercial and social center of history Savannah. Located on the original site of the market used by the farmers and traders of all kinds to sell their goods and wares, City Market offers the best of what is old and what is new in Savannah.

Today, Savannah's City Market comprises a four-block area of restored warehouses and shop fronts adjacent to Ellis Square. This charming, open air-market place has a wealth of things to do in Savannah whether you come for the entertainment, to shop, dine, or just rest your weary feet.

Paris Market

The Paris Market and Brocante, located on 36 West Broughton Street in the heart of historic Savannah,  is a storehouse of treasures. This irresistible invitation to shop the world's most exotic and exclusive markets is the brainchild of owner Paula Danyluk. A love of world travel combined with a quirky design style quickly led Paula and her husband, Taras, across the globe. The Paris Market and Brocante is transforming itself to bring you the latest treasures from across the planet. This year our collections will include the Italian hip of Milan, Rome, and Florence. As always, our muse Paris and the entire French hinterland will be laid waste in our efforts to bring you the latest and greatest. Later this year look will devastatingly cool architectural finds from other hidden corners of the world. Sometimes extravagant, sometimes serene, always instantly classic, enjoy the spectacle!

River Street

River Street is a glittering, multi-faceted gem along the broad Savannah River. The century old buildings, once cotton warehouses, have been converted to antique shops, distinctive boutiques, spectacular galleries, quaint brew pubs, fabulous restaurants, unique nightspots, elegant inns and hotels. Bustling with welcoming hospitality, it's also the place to see Savannah from the river that made her by taking a cruise or watching ships from around the globe sail into one of the busiest ports in America.

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If you fancy large retail stores, visit the Savannah Mall and all its surrounding stores.

Just shopping around? Savannah has a variety of unique stores peddling all sorts of awesome stuff to take home. From local art to trendy fashion, were sure you’ll find something for the whole family.

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Numerous Antique Shops are in Savannah GA