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Gourmet Breakfast Savannah Bed and Breakfast

Savannah Bed and Breakfast

If you desire world class service and the Finest, Elegant Gourmet Candle-light Breakfast, This Boutique Savannah Hotel will accommodate those distinct pallets that are seeking a one of a kind experience. The Breakfast room is drenched in morning sun and it is warm with natural light that sets the mood for a fine dining experience. Some of the guests have read so many of the TripAdvisor reviews raving about Kathleen's Breakfast that they sneak down a bit earlier to get a glance. You will see Kathleen scurrying around ,setting the dinning room as if the Royals are coming to her Savannah Breakfast table. It is such an event, States Kathleen" to begin the day with elegance and luxury...Let's not forget the soft jazz or Big Band Hits coming from her magical kitchen.  Her guests always comment on how they wokSavannah Waffles Olde Savannah Bed and Breakfaste up with the smell of the apple-wood smoked bacon and sausage.

Kathleen taught herself to cook professionally when she realized due to the nature of The Olde Savannah Inn, she hired herself to be the Gourmet Chef, server, and bottle washer. This is the best time of my day ,"Kathleen remarks" as she prepares her guests for such an exquisite and delicious world class breakfast. Kathleen wants her guests to be her honored guests and to pamper them as Kings and Queens in her stately Southern Mansion.
Breakfast is preferred to begin at 9:00 but there are always exceptions. You never miss out on Kathleen's breakfast unless you arrive at an unreasonable time. As the innkeeper is a one woman show, it makes it difficult to manage the  preparation of the entire house by 4:00 check-ins. Kathleen ask all her guest to please consider her schedule of striving to maintain her Savannah Bed and Breakfast the finest and well maintained inn in Savannah.

The Olde Savannah Inn's lovely breakfast room is adorned with flowing contrasting linen table cloths/ original from the Trump Room in NY  Kathleen's Renaissance style emulates Grand Caesar Chandeliers that embodies the wealth of a yesteryear of 1877 Grand Style Southern living. As Kathleen's guests arrive at her freshly made Fruit medley, they are impressed on the attention to detail...Each layer of fruit is designed with their mouth watering colors to entice you for the next entree. Apple-smoke bacon and brown sugar is certainly the eye opener that it is time to rise. Sometimes, it is very difficult to climb out of those romantic European bedding with crisp pressed luxury sheets and all down coverlets.  I promise you, it it worth getting up for. Kathleen's Gourmet favorites are her Almond Blueberry Pancakes and Creme Brulee French Toa
st. Those are the signature dishes of this one of a kind Savannah Bed and Breakfast. It doesn't get too much better than this. Another popular morning delight is the Gourmet Belgian Waffle with fresh locally grown strawberries and Frozen Whipped Cream...A must ...
Kathleen enjoys' surprising her guest with unique egg dishes created by her own talents. One of the guest's most popular is her Egg's Benedict prepared on a croissant with smoked ham, perfectly cooked eggs, on a bed of organic spinach and a spot of pesto. nothing comes out of Kathleen's kitchen unless it is perfectly presented. She laughs "On my grave will read 'Attention to Detail'"...When the conversation hasn't kicked off yet in the breakfast room, Kathleen indulges in getting to know her guests and begins to tell them funny tales of Savannah and maybe her own humorous adventures .The dining room is at it's best when the guests are mingling and making new friends. That is when Kathleen departs and prepares for her day. Her breakfast are not your typical bed and breakfast mom and pop experience. The Olde Savannah Inn is gorgeously decorated and impeccably ,maintained to provide an upscale experience that you don't want to miss. Come join us at our Chef's table and see what others are talking about. Kathleen has many wonderful gourmet dishes but these are just a few to invite you to the Best Breakfast in Savannah Georgia. Please read our raving reviews about one of the finest Historic Savannah Bed and Breakfast in the Low Country. We'll see you soon. Please bring your appetite....Your Savannah Hostess, KathleenEggs Benedict Savannah Bed and Breakfast

"The house itself is gorgeous and clean. The breakfasts were AWESOME! I absolutely loved the eggs benedict on a croissant and the creme brulee french toast. We are vegetarian and she was always accommodating! Fruit was very fresh and the coffee was delicious. The dining room is nice in that every couple has their own table, so you can still have conversations as a group and privately. The room is very airy and a lot of natural light comes through which is nice for your morning meal." --Guest, September 2012

Savannah Gourmet Breakfast