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Why Choose The Olde Savannah Inn

kathleen Dupuis - Thursday, January 15, 2015
We understand how busy travelers are on the web looking for the "Best deals" that #Savannah has to offer. Always remember" Less is more" Our Olde Savannah Inn consists of 5 luxurious rooms that have ALL been designed with ATTENTION TO DETAIL, unlike a chain Hotel that has an empty cold room and no Charm. Nobody to welcome you with open arms, Nobody to sit down with you after checking you in to your room, offering you a fine glass of vintage ted with ideas to see the city. Miss Kathleen shows you to your room, we offer Free Parking, and than you are given a whirlwind of knowledge of what to see and do in Savannah. You talk about Customer service. You are treated like a family member and you have found a "Home away from Home". You can't find that up close and personal service except at The Olde Savannah Inn. Not only are you introduced to the Best of Savannah, but Kathleen plans your entire stay "Complimentary". All your dinner reservations, Carriage Tours, Olde Town Trolley Tours, Theatre tickets, wedding planner, Specialized packages for all occasion, In Deed , do I need to say More...This Savannah Bed and Breakfast is the Finest Inn in Savannah and has been selected as one of the 50th Romantic Inns of the South. It has become a Celebrity Bed and Breakfast ...In June we were honored to have the famous Actor ARRON Paul and his lovely wife Lauren from Breaking Bad who plays Jesse on AMC...We have had the Phillies and Braves visit The Olde Savannah Inn throughout the years. In 2013, we were Voted "The Guest Favorite" from BNBFINDER.COM

If a sit down breakfast is important to you, than you MUST Book a Stay at The Olde Savannah Inn. Kathleen's breakfast is drenched with a European Cuisine ,self taught chef, but knows the meaning of Presentation and knows how to entice your palette to want MORE...Kathleen adorns her tables with flowing European Linens, Beautiful crystal, French press Coffee, Candlelight with BIG BAND MUSIC, You will not get this ambience anywhere but at Kathleen's Olde Savannah Inn. See for yourself, Take advantage of our January and February Specials , Get the Most Value with the Highest Quality. Be Good To Yourself! Aren't you worth it. See what Luxury in Savannah is all about. You will not get this royal treatment at a Hotel or Vacation Rental. The love and warmth of Kathleen and her genuine passion for Inn Keeping is UNMATCHED...Only the Best will do at The Olde Savannah Inn. 

November Events

kathleen Dupuis - Saturday, October 26, 2013
Savannah is going to be a happening place this month. With so many events going on, our city is the place to be. For those of you running, walking, or watching the #Rock and Roll Marathon on November 9, you'll want to pamper your worn muscles with our extra comfy beds at The Olde Savannah Inn.  #Foodies will enjoy the Savannah Food and Wine Festival from Nov 11-17. The festival will be packed with activities like a farm to table dinner, chef competition, wine tasting, and more! Here's how the Festival's own Amy Brock describes it:
"The 2013 Savannah Food & Wine Festival is a week-long celebration of wine and food set amongst the towering Spanish moss draped oak trees in historic Savannah Georgia.
Nothing exudes Southern hospitality quite like the City of Savannah.  From its bountiful historic district of antebellum homes, to the numerous parks and beautiful Squares.  Savannah’s famous River Street is the perfect backdrop for several Festival events, where once upon a time pirates and buccaneers strolled.
In addition to James Beard Award winning chefs, the Savannah Food & Wine Festival will feature some of the area’s best and most beloved and talented chefs. We’ve selected three of our favorite recipes to share with you in honor of the Festival. Learn a little about each of our chefs here.
Join us for the Savannah Food & Wine Festival, November 11-17, 2013. Tickets and information available here."
The month will round off with The Westin Savannah Harbor's Gingerbread Village competition.  The competition includes adult (18 & over) and student (17 & under) divisions, and is open for anyone to participate. You can view this spectacular display in the Westin's lobby from Saturday, November 22 through December 30, 2013. It is free and open to the public.  This event is visited by thousands each year to see the exquisite and charming hand made gingerbread buildings that look good enough to eat.
If you're in town for Thanksgiving, enjoy your holiday meal on a dinner cruise. Here is some information from thewebsite:  

2013 Thanksgiving Dinner Cruise

Prices: $54.95 per Adult -$34.95 per Child: Thanksgiving Day Dinner Cruise November 28, 2013
Cruise times: We have two Thanksgiving Dinner Cruises.  The early one boards at 1pm and sails from 2pm-4pm.  The later cruise boards at 5pm and sails from 6pm-8pm.   Buffet of: traditional holiday buffet 
There really is something for everyone in Savannah for the month of November, and no matter your event fancy, your place of respite at the end of the day is The Olde Savannah Inn. Can't wait to see you again!

Fall Events

kathleen Dupuis - Monday, October 14, 2013
Savannah in the fall is one of the most beautiful locations.  The weather is beautiful, crisp, and the sights are extra enjoyable since the humidity is low. The area is full of festivals, races, and other great attractions for this southern mecca. 
Next weekend October 18, 19, and 20th is the Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival in Richmond Hill, Georgia. This yearly festival is known to the area as a seafood lovers' paradise. Laden with restaurant booths showing off their finest dishes of seafood, bbq, and other southern specialties like kettle corn and peach cobbler, this festival is a hit with families, retirees, teenagers, and young adults. The festival tops off each evening with live music entertainment on the big stage. This year they are boasting the appearances of Collective Soul and Drivin' and Cryin'.   For more information, go to
Dust off your running shoes as Savannah is hosting two upcoming races: the Rock n Roll Marathon in November and the Bridge Run in December. It's not too late to train for those amazing events! The Rock n Roll Marathon is a hit each year as great entertainment is provided every mile or so for the runners to help spur them on to the finish line. For more information, visit  The Bridge Run is the big hill run of the Savannah area.  With most of the land being flat, the Bridge Run is the chance for runners to experience "the climb"! For more information, visit
If running isn't your thing, take advantage of the great historic tours and trolley tours of Savannah without the sweat, heat, and humidity of the summer months!
Enjoy your time here even more, by taking advantage of our inn decorated to the fullest for each season!

Savannah October Happenings

kathleen Dupuis - Monday, September 30, 2013

With so many exciting events happening in Savannah during the month of October, you will want to just become a resident for the entire month and not miss a thing! The 30th Annual Oktoberfest on River Street is next weekend, October 4-6th, and it promises to be an extremely fun filled weekend! Oktoberfest is full of Wiener Dog Racing, Bratwurst Tasting, Oomph Dancing and more! There will be a beer garden offering many different beers, food vendors, art exhibitors, live entertainment, Beer Stein Race, Keg Roll Race, Teenie Weenie Race and more family fun all weekend! Oktoberfests happen around the world to give a taste of German fun and excitement.  No one does it better than Savannah on River Street.  The Savannah Morning News will be hosting the Wiener Dog Races, which is sure to be one the biggest hits! Check out their website for the complete listing of what will happen and where, at

Just a few weeks later, on the weekend of October 25-27, there are two different events happening in Savannah. On Saturday Oct 26 is the Savannah Food Day Festival. Of course Savannah would be a host to a Food Day festival with it's own cultural classics such as soul food, and good southern eats. And during the Savannah Food Day Festival, Daffin Park, which is located next to Historic Grayson Stadium, will be filled with live music, food vendors, over 100 exhibitors, and free workshops. There will be activities for all ages and families including your pets!! You can find out more about this free event at hht://

The other amazing event that weekend spans from Friday Oct 25 - Sunday Oct 27, and it is the Savannah Speed Classic out on Hutchinson Island. This Historic Sportcar Racing event will entertain and amaze all historic automobile lovers. Specific Makes and Models and Series requirements are met by all autos that enter the race and you can be sure that the car enthusiasts will be out and ready to enjoy the weekend! Visit for the complete information about this Speed Classic event!

Trip Advisor's Certificate of Excellence!

kathleen Dupuis - Thursday, September 05, 2013
We are so thrilled to be awarded the Trip Advisor's Certificate of Excellence! What an honor!  We strive to be excellent and then some.  In talking with another Savannah-an the other day, we discussed how nothing is half done in Savannah.  Trees don't grow half-tall, cooks don't use a half-stick of butter, and we don't do half-excellence--we do Excellent and more.
Excellence, to us, means that our guests feel rested, cared for, and like members of extended family when they leave our inn.  We are constantly striving for excellence in our menus, amenities, décor, furnishings, and ambience.  Blessed by this title of Excellence we will continue to make The Olde Savannah Inn a destination of greatness! 

Making Savannah Memories

kathleen Dupuis - Tuesday, August 27, 2013
Making the time to make memories
As I was looking through the photo albums at my parents' house, I noticed how few pictures were taken in generations gone by.  In a day and time of digital cameras where the number of photos that can be taken are hardly limited, I'm reminded of how precious photographs used to be. And because there were so few photos taken, it made the memories of those occasions more sweet. 
The Olde Savannah Inn provides such a remarkable backdrop for such sweet memories to be made.  From the breathtaking views during a delightful breakfast, strolls made down historic streets that remind of years gone by, horse drawn carriage rides down cobblestone streets, to unforgettable rooms that beckon togetherness; we strive to make your next getaway not just a time filled with digital photo reminders, but true memories.

Hotels vs. B&B

kathleen Dupuis - Tuesday, August 06, 2013
Hotels vs. B & B's. It's a great debate, really. For traveling groups, and business conferences, hotels really are the best choice.  But sometimes you just want to get away from the TV, big chain restaurants, and travel baseball teams.
B & B's  are the place where you want to go when the person you are going with and the charm of the town you are visiting is more important than movie channels or fitness room. You can trust that every detail is cared for with great passion. After all, we're not just going to work, we are caring for our home. The Olde Savannah Inn is nestled in a row of historic homes just out of earshot of the tourist noise. We are convenient to historic Forsythe Park for that great evening stroll. You will appreciate the manner in which you are treated. 
It's not that hotels or B&B's are better than one another, just that sometimes one is more apropos than the other.

Savannah's Oaks

kathleen Dupuis - Monday, July 29, 2013
We are so proud of our city's huge oak trees! They  provide refreshing shade on the hottest of summer days and homes for the smallest of creatures in our city.  When people think about Savannah, most of the time they picture roads with canopies of trees, or the huge oak trees whose limbs stretch far and wide--the kind of trees that kids dream about climbing. 
One of the most well known trees in Savannah is called the Majestic Oak and it is the largest and oldest tree in Savannah. It's girth measures 27 feet 8 inches around, it measures 165 feet 7 inches across from the tips of the longest branches, and is guessed to be between 300-500 years old. It is located in the Majestic Oak Neighborhood, which was built around this amazing tree.
The other great tree sites to visit on your next trip to Savannah are:
*Canopied Roadways at Ardsley Park and the Historic District
*Heritage Trees in Thunderbolt
*Trees that will make you say WOW
    -Live Oak  at East 41st Street
    -Bald Cypress at 58th St at Montgomery
    -Live Oak  at 210 E Hall
For the tree enthusiast, you may be interested in a tour. For information, go to

Ellis Square

kathleen Dupuis - Thursday, July 11, 2013
ellis squareDecker Square was so-called in honor of Sir Matthew Decker , the director of the East India Company, a member of Parliament and one of the 21 Trustees who supported James Oglethorpe’s colonial venture in Georgia.  Wait a minute—Decker Square??  The third Savannah Square was birthed Decker Ward in 1733.  It is the second largest of the squares and was later renamed Ellis Square after Sir Henry Ellis.   By his late twenties, adventurer Henry Ellis had studied law and explored British territories in North America looking for a Northwest Passage. By his mid-thirties he had been named Royal Governor of Georgia, one of his major accomplishments being the establishment of a peace treaty with neighboring Creek Indians.
The square’s location on Barnard Street bordered by Bryan and Congress Streets served as a commercial center for local farmers and slave traders.  The original City Market was built in 1763 and subsequent markets followed thereafter until the 1950’s; thus, the area was also sometimes referred to as Marketplace Square. It was home to most of the first Jewish settlers in Savannah in 1733.  They would be integral in the establishment of the Mickvah Israel congregation that remains today.
Bordered on the east by the ocean, Savannah eventually found itself running out of prime downtown property.  In 1954 the Savannah Merchants Cooperative Parking Association leveled the market and built a much-needed four-story parking garage to serve downtown retail customers.  The loss of Ellis Square led to the founding of The Historic Savannah Foundation, which now preserves   historic city homes and buildings that might otherwise be destroyed.   This story ends happily, though, since the 1.5-acre property became available again in 2004.  A compromise was arrived at to satisfy the need for parking and historical preservation.
Underneath Ellis Square is an underground garage and above is a new park for public use and events.   Five tall oaks were brought in to restore the traditional shade to the historic square.  A new market houses restaurants, shops and studios that restore the hubbub of the old.  The grass-roofed visitor’s center and 2-foot tall chess pieces are visual highlights, but the center fountain reminds visitors of the square’s rejuvenation as it shoots water ten feet high into Savannah skies.  A bronze statue of Savannahian and songwriter-lyricist Johnny Mercer was erected to remind visitors of the importance of old sweet songs amongst new opportunities and progress.

Clean is Comfort

kathleen Dupuis - Saturday, July 06, 2013
clean bed and breakfast

One of the things that many people notice about The Olde Savannah Inn is how clean it is.  Cleanliness can be easily overlooked in a b&b or hotel setting, but it will never be in this inn.  The reason comes down to our innkeeper Kathleen.  Kathleen spent years in the cleaning industry.  She learned how to reach the highest standards a customer could have and she had brought that same level of excellence to the inn.  Kathleen says, "Clean is relaxing and I want my guests to feel relaxed when they're here." 

Kathleen's devotion to cleaning has been put to the test.  While running her cleaning company one of her clients was the state of Massachusetts and so she would go into the homes of people with different types of severe neurosis and disorders.  It was very difficult to clean these houses. Most had given up on these people, but Kathleen knew she was improving their lives by helping them and giving them a fresh clean house. 

Kathleen experienced the opposite end of spectrum too working with a client that was adamant about the way her pillows were to be fluffed. It didn't matter though because Kathleen's dedication to pleasing her clients then and her guests now knows no bounds.  Her guests now get all the perks of Kathleen's 13 years of cleaning experience.  They know that when they walk into the inn; it will be clean and safe.  Safe because guests will find rooms free of bacteria, allergens, and bed bugs.  Rooms instead house antique furniture, the softest bedding, and charm. 

Kathleen's Cleaning Tips:
  1. Develop a system. Week 1 may be baseboards.  Week 2, lower casements.  Create a system that works for you and stick with it. 
  2. Follow a path.  Start in one spot in the room and work around.  Moving all over leads to missed spots.
  3. Don't procrastinate.  Getting out of the routine will allow things to build up and make it harder to start the system over again.  

Savannah is a like a childhood fairytale! Absolutely whimsical ...A dream come true!

 RSSMarch, April and May are the most beautiful season to see the most enchanting city of the South. This majestic city and it's towering grand oaks and draping Spanish moss creates the most romantic getaway and you can't beat the weather. Other parts of the country are still getting snow but not Savannah...Spring season is here ...Come see the azelas and magnolia trees at full bloom and make sure you go to Boneventure Cemetary, Wormsloe Plantation, and Tybee Island...A must see...Stunning...

I am a native of Boston and when I first moved to Savannah in 2005, I went to Boneventure Cemetary for the first time and I lost my breath. I had never seen such a beautiful cememtary and all it's grand monuments gracing the entire property. I had heard that the famous song writer Johnny Mercer was buried there and I had to find his grave.  I was so excited to see all the famous legends of Savannah...I could have spent the entire day just walking and gaining all of Savannah's History...After seeing the cenmetary, I decided to visit Wormsloe Plantation...Wow! This prestigious property is situated on 40 acres of grand oaks cascading spanish moss draping the entire enrty.If that isn't enough, take a stroll to Tybee Island and see how slow and easy life should be. The Southern lifestyle is much more relaxing and tranquil with nature settings and a tropical breeze welcoming you to it's island living. This is living at it's BEST...


While you are visiting Tybee Island, let's not forget The Crab Shack and Uncle Bubba's....I love the atmosphere of the Crab Shack, you can feed the alligators and be a kid again. Sit on the deck and watch the seagulls ...enjoying a Low Country lunch sitting by the seashore with the locals talking about what to see and do in Savannah.

Another great spot to have a simple lunch is Tubby's in Thunderbolt, on the way to Tybee Island.  You could spend the entire day just strolling the island and bird watching and you have to see the Tybee Light House...A popular Wedding Destination for the Savannah bride and groom...If you are looking for a Romantic Getaway....Look no further...Savannah has one of the largest Historic Districts  in the US. For those who have always dreamed of that fairytale wedding, make your dreams come true by staying in the most beautiful and amazing Savannah Bed and Breakfast, The Olde Savannah Inn.  all your dreams will come true. Be good to yourself and Book Now! This is the Best time of the year to see Savannah at it's Best. See you soon, Kathleen